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McKenna's Cafe was opened in Dorchester in 1999 by longtime residents of Savin Hill, Kathy and Bernie Goodman. The cafe was named after their young daughter McKenna Goodman.  Several years after starting the cafe, the Goodman's decided to take their restaurant knowhow south, where they opened a restaurant in Naples, Florida.


 As luck would have it, McKenna's cafe was acquired by two locals who continued to run the establishment with the same sense of pride, long standing tradition, friendly service and excellent food.  The cafe has continued to thrive becomming the go-to destination in Savin Hill.

McKenna's is popular place for locals and their friends to gather and eat delicious hearty home-style cooked meals. The staff personifies the ideals of a family run business knowing everyone who walks through the door- whether growing up on the same block or becoming friends as customers of the cafe.  This really is a place where 'everyone' knows your name. 


McKenna's cafe is well know for its ample portions, fresh food, delicious breakfast, served allay long and hearty lunch.  It's not uncommon to see a line out the door, especially on weekends, when locals and visitors alike come for the creative menu, mouth watering selections, friendly staff and lively conversation.


McKennas cafe is an exceptionally friendly place. If you stop in on a regular basis, servers and patrons really will soon enough know you by name.  On any give day, you will meet interesting locals including police officers, firemen, construction workers and politicians.  McKenna's is always kid friendly, and you'll know they love the pancakes when you see the huge smiles on their faces!


McKenna's Cafe serves breakfast and lunch throughout the day. Enjoy an extensive menu including an assortment of fresh omelets, egg creations, healthy selections, salads, sandwiches, soups, pastries, coffees, teas and so much more! Breakfast is served all day long. There is something for everyone at McKenna's Cafe and we look forward to serving you. 


In the true spirit of Dorchester, everyone feels welcome at McKenna's!  We really can't wait to welcome you to our local family eatery.  Don't forget to bring your appetite and all your friends and family.
Y'all come back now! 

And remember- everything is cooked to order and as we always say at Mckenna's Cafe,  "if we can, we will!"

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